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Barkbox Play and Treat Bundle

Barkbox Play and Treat Bundle

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Product Description:

The Barkbox Play and Treat Bundle is the perfect solution for interactive and stimulating dog play.

It is stuffed with benefits, features 3 toys in 1, includes crazy crinkle and squeakers, made with quality plush material, and is part of the Sunday Funday Collection.

This toy ensures the highest quality and durability. Its unique design provides a multi-sensory play experience and guarantees hours of fun.

The plush material used offers a soft yet durable experience, making it suitable for indoor play and perfect for energetic or cuddly dogs.

Our Barkbox toy is easy to use with treat-hiding capabilities and designed to solve the common boredom problem in dogs.

The toy measures 4.53" L x 6.02" W x 8.86" H and is suitable for dogs up to 20 lbs.

Comes in vivid orange and white hues, perfect for all dog parents looking for quality and interactive toys.

  • Stuffed with Benefits: This Barkbox toy measures 4.53" L x 6.02" W x 8.86" H, suitable for dogs up to 20 lbs. Infuse your dog’s playtime with both physical and mental stimulation. Comes in vivid orange and white hues.
  • Fabulous Features: Includes 3 toys in 1 package for endless fetch and treat-hiding possibilities. Perfect for multi-dog homes and encourages mental and physical skill development.
  • Playtime Essentials: Features crazy crinkle and squeakers in the carton for an engaging, auditory experience. Ideal for fetch enthusiasts and sensory play.
  • Quality Material: Made with plush, this toy provides a soft yet durable experience. Suitable for indoor play, perfect for energetic dogs, and offers comfort to chewers.
  • Sunday Funday: This toy is part of Bark's Sunday Funday Collection. Designed for rest or play because the perfect Sunday is spent with your dog.
  • 100% Happiness: Made by dog people for dogs and their humans to make them the happiest they can be. U.S.-based customer support for full reliability.
  • Package Details: Comes in dimensions of 9.3 x 6.3 x 4.2 inches. Recommended specifically for small dogs up to 20 lbs.

Dog parents, particularly those with small dogs up to 20 lbs. The Barkbox Play and Treat Bundle is ideal for multi-dog households, playful pups, and dogs who love sensory or interactive play.


  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Quality Material
  • Interactive Features
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • U.S.-based Support
  • Package Details
  • Color Variation
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