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Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Chicken + Turkey

Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Chicken + Turkey

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Want the naked truth? Naked = natural. Essentials = everything your dog needs, and nothin’ that they don’t. In this bag of kibble, your pet gets only the good stuff (AKA the essentials) like lotsa delicious USA farm-raised chicken and turkey, with the added oomph of omegas and pre & probiotics!

But wait—there’s more: each bite is packed with ancient grains to give your dog energy and nutrition, sans nasty fillers (bleh). Not only do these scrumptious ingredients improve their health, but they also improve the overall taste and texture for your hungry pup. If your pup is basically an ultra-marathoner with four legs, these crunchy, carb-loaded bites will be just the ticket to keep up their active lifestyle. Naked Essentials kibble comes in all sortsa delicious flavors!

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