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Knit Sweater in Taupe

Knit Sweater in Taupe

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even if your life depended on it.

OUR SOLUTION: PAIKKA Handmade Knit Sweater will keep your dog warm.

This beautiful soft sweater is made of lamb wool blend. Wool has properties unlike any man-made material. Wool has superior warming qualities and natural moisture-wicking capacity. Wool is warm also when moist, and thanks to natural antibacterial properties it fights back odors.

Handmade pieces are always unique and special – think about all the love and effort that went into making your dog this garment.

Key Features:

  • One of a kind – no two handmade sweaters are the same.
  • Warmth from natural wool blend.

    Finding the perfect size

    To determine PAIKKA sweater size, measure your dog’s back from neck to the base of the tail. If your dog is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger size. Please note that measurements on the size chart are the maximum measurements.


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