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LLSPET Latex Squeaky Dog Toys Funny Frog Pig Elephant Animal Soft Rubber Squeak Dog Balls Toys for Small Medium Puppy Pet Dogs 6PCS

LLSPET Latex Squeaky Dog Toys Funny Frog Pig Elephant Animal Soft Rubber Squeak Dog Balls Toys for Small Medium Puppy Pet Dogs 6PCS

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  • Safe, Eco-friendly Material, Made with natural Non-Toxic latex rubber.Complies with the exact same safety standard as children’s toys
  • Funny Soft Puppy Toys,Made with Latex,They are light and soft, but they make a loud squeak.
  • The small dog balls is very smooth, which makes it easy to wipe and wash.Dog can play the clean dog toys all the time.
  • These squeaky balls are perfect for small and medium dogs for pugs, and smaller dogs, less than 11kg(24.25lb).
  • Chasing movement is an instinct of the dog, great for fetching tossing and tugging.Interactive dog toys keeps your pet away from shoes and furniture, reduce the damage of dogs to property at home. Give the dog a better companionship.

Details: LLSPET latex squeaky dog toys designed for small to medium-sized puppies and pet dogs. These toys are made from latex rubber and come in various animal shapes such as frogs, pigs, elephants, and more. They are intended to be fun and interactive for dogs, as the squeaking noise they make can engage their natural instincts to play and explore. LLSPET Latex Dog Chewing Squeaky Ball Toys 6 Pcs/Set Pet toys are made of rubber, soft, and chewy. Pet toys with funny outlook, is a good choice to play with your pet. Pet toys have squeaky sound when your squeeze or your pet chew, good choice to attract your pet. * Warm Tips: 1. We suggest that these dog squeaky toys use for little or medium dogs, the large dogs are too destructive, may these small dog balls are easy to be torn. 2. Don't let your pet to swallow these toys. Please clean and inspect after each use. 3. These dog ball toy set are made up of latex, so it's normal that these come with a little smell, Please put it in a ventilated place for a while before using. 4. The working principle of the squeaking squeak needs to be generated under a closed airflow. If the puppy destroys the shape of the squeaky dog toy, it is easy to cause the squeak to not work. Soft latex dog toy is not suitable for pets with strong destruction or sharp teeth. When selecting toys for your pet, make sure to choose the appropriate size for your dog's breed and age. Always prioritize safety and choose toys made from non-toxic materials. Regularly inspect the toys for any signs of wear and tear, and replace them if they become damaged to prevent choking hazards.

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.3 x 2.1 inches

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