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Original Recipe - Beef Right Meow! Pâté

Original Recipe - Beef Right Meow! Pâté

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“OK, OK kitty cat—the can opener can only go so fast!” This deliciously smooth pack of beef pâté is the best pick for all of the cats who have a hankering for flavorful and decadent beef. Each can provides protein, vitamins, and amino acids for a healthy coat and skin. We’re sorry in advance when your cat hops onto the kitchen counter to immediately indulge in every moist, savory, and free of grains food portion. Our pâté comes in many protein-packed flavors your cat will go nuts for.

FRIENDLY PSA: This product is complete & balanced, I.E. Unlike some other brands—we didn’t cut any nutritional corners. So, each serving has the proper amount of vitamins and minerals for your growing kitten, adult or senior cat, according to our friends at AAFCO.

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